Do you know Dot-drawing is one of the most fantastic ways to give your newspaper a classy look? wall street journal newspaper features distinctive portraits called “dot-drawings instead of actual photos.”

You all are well aware of the importance of the newspaper. Even in this social media time, it cannot lose its value. Every newspaper industry wanted to grow fast, and that’s why they tried out new ideas to look unique. Let’s dig deeper to learn more about it.


Before proceeding towards the main answer, let’s first clear the concept of dot drawing. You must hear about pointillism; it is an authentic style of dot-drawing. Actually, in this method of drawing, a lovely image is drawn with millions of dots.

It is a very time-consuming and challenging method. The artist is undoubtedly very talented in making a composite image instead of dots. The final image is so blended that no one sees many dots used to make such an image.


One of the most famous and old newspapers, “Wall Street Journal,” started in 1979. As initially, it is difficult for any new industry to make its image and grow fast. every industry wants to develop new ideas, and hence they try out new things. “Wall Street Journal” also wanted to grow with unique ideas.

In this regard, a freelance artist named Kevin Sprouls gave them an idea of dot-drawing style. To give a classy and attractive look to the images used in the newspaper. They accepted this style, and this goes very well. And “Wall Street Journal” is the brand ambassador of this type of image.

They accepted this idea and started their journey featuring distinctive portraits (dot-drawing). This style gives a different and elegant look so that they consistently use this style. And it becomes the trademark for “Wall Street Journal.”

Today “Wall Street Journal” is one of the most famous English Newspapers, and still, they are using this style and did not compromise on the quality of the dot-drawing images. As featuring this type of art takes a lot of time to be done perfectly. Wall street journal hired five such employees as it takes almost 3 to 5 hours to complete a single image.


So, the answer is simple and precise. Dot-drawing style is associated with the “Wall Street Journal.” Besides this, several other newspapers also tried this style but not as much as the “Wall Street Journal.” So, we cannot consider their name.

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