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What are the 4 types of psychology? Psychology Today

People around the world are fond of reading magazines. If you are one of them and you admire psychology too, you’ll love “Psychology Today” which aims to adorn your life with articles about your psychological issues and health. We are introducing you to a magazine that is ranked by newsstand sales in the top ten magazines. Psychology Today is published for its fans every two months in New York City and gives a directory of psychiatrists, treatment facilities, and therapists. It’s considered the only magazine that is devoted to investigating human behavior. Before discussing our magazine let’s have a quick look at psychology.

What is psychology?

It is a diverse and broad field that involves the study of human behavior, thought, personality, motivation, development, emotion, and many more.

Psychology has different specialty areas and subfields. The main areas of application and research within psychology are biological psychology, abnormal psychology, cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, comparative psychology, forensic psychology, personality psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and social psychology.

What is social psychology?

This type of psychology is concerned with the study of individuals’ behavior in their cultural and social environment.

What is clinical psychology?

The type of psychology that includes the professional socialist related to treating diseases of the brain after diagnosis, behavior dilemmas, and emotional distress.

What is forensic psychology?

The field of psychology combines the processes of the law and psychology.

What is cognitive psychology?

This field of psychology is concerned with the study of how we think. It deals with the inner mental processes like perception, action planning, attention, language, and memory.

The psychology involved different behaviors known as defense mechanisms that are used by healthy persons to cope up with unpleasant circumstances. Some of the defense mechanisms are denial, repression, projection, regression, displacement, rationalization, sublimation, compartmentalization, intellectualization, and more. As in reverse psychology, it is considered a simple way for people to attain what they wish for or to achieve their goals. And in the case of sublimation psychology, is concerned with human behaviors and urges. This defense mechanism helps people to deal with unacceptable urges and feelings by channeling those into something productive, harmless, and beneficial.

Psychology has wider scope in all walks of life and it is limitless. Many institutes across the world offer study of psychology. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (The Chicago School) is one of them. It is a private college having its main campus in Chicago, Illinois. It offers thirty programs in a variation of professional fields such as psychology, nursing, counseling, health care, and many more.

What can you do with a psychology degree?

This degree is a wonderful initial point for a career in the arts and science both. It empowers you with a wide range of skills and gives opportunities for the selection of different fields accordion to your interest and specialization. For instance, counselor, psychotherapist, educational psychologist, teacher, psychologist, human resource manager, media roles, and research roles.

How promising future psychology has!

After the overview of psychology, let’s talk about Psychology Today to take benefit of it.

Nicolas Carney, Ph.D., began Psychology Today in 1967 when he was fed up with psychologists whose work was inaccessible to the general public due to the use of professional jargon. He wanted to make contributions in psychology by answering the question “What is psychology?” in such simple words that a layperson could understand it. Still committed to that motive, the magazine reports on topics related to psychological practice and research. It provides information and advice related to romantic relationships, self-improvement, family relationships, sexuality, parenting, nutrition and food, alternative medicine, career and professional problems, and fitness and physical health. A diversity of psychological views and strategies is illustrated in the magazine’s analyses. read about Body washes

Psychology Today is now also available online and is helping millions of people in 20 countries. Its website ( is considered the world’s biggest portal to psychotherapy. Here you can make free access to professional, thousands in numbers. Although Psychology Today has broadened its undertaken mission and stretched across the continents and decades, it never stops to please in the convincing innate curiosity of humans about its favorite subject: Ourselves.

It publishes content that is written by researchers, experts, lawyers, and clinicians that are affiliated with the field of psychology and behavior. This site has an extensive guide to conditions that are diagnosable known as Diagnosis Dictionary. Here you can find psychology Basics and a full summary of Therapy Types.

If you are too lazy to visit a consultant, you can find a Therapist, Treatment Center, Support Group, Psychiatrist, and Teletherapy from here by sitting at home. One can get help according to the options given here related to Mental Health (Addiction, ADHD, Anxiety, Asperger’s, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Eating Disorders), Personality (Passive Aggression, Personality, Shyness), Personal Growth (Goal Setting, Happiness, Positive Psychology, Stopping Smoking), Relationships (Low Sexual Desire, Relationships, Sex), and Family Life (Child Development, Parenting).

Here you can see other options including View Help Index, Do I Need Help? (Self Tests, Therapy Center), Recently Diagnosed? (Diagnosis Dictionary, Types of Therapy) and Talk to Someone (Find a Therapist).

From this website, you can also get Psychology Today magazines by subscribing. It has another feature known as Today. From here you can see the News, Essential Reads, and Trending Topics like neuroscience, bias, and COVID-19.

There are 250,000 copies of the magazine are printed, having 15.02 readers per copy. So it has a total of 3.75 million audiences. By February 2021, according to a survey it has social media existence with more than 700,000 Twitter followers, 7.5 million Facebook followers, 450,000 LinkedIn followers, and 475,000 Instagram followers.

It shows how popular it is among people!

Psychology today is a popular magazine just like Time Magazine but it’s not a scholarly journal and also not peer-reviewed. Despite that, it has credible sources and is considered an acceptable source of paper by most instructors.

So, if you want to improve your reading skills and gain knowledge about psychology to quench your thirst you’ll find Psychology Today best for you.

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