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What are Seven Types of Health? Seven Dimensions of Wellness

What are Seven Types of Health? Seven Dimensions of Wellness: Health can be defined as the social, physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being along with the absence of any infirmity or diseases. The population’s overall health is deduced by people’s education, income, housing, and employment, along with the combination of prevention to avoid any disease and rehabilitative protocols and services.

According to a publication in The LancetTrusted Source, researchers described health in terms of the ability of a body to adapt to infirmities and new threats. Good health is essential to living a long and active life as well as handling stress.

Quickcheck: What Are Health Services?

These services include medical professionals, ancillary health care workers, and organizations that are responsible to provide medical assistant to people who need it.

In this article, we’ll mainly focus on 7 types of health. A meticulous description of these types of health is given below.

  1. Physical Health

It indicates the state of your physical body and how efficiently it is working. It is affected by levels of sufficient nutrition, physical activities, environments, rest, etc.

Its emphasis on proper care of bodies for optimal health and functioning and allows you to develop personal responsibility regarding your health. Some of the components of physical health include physical activity (like flexibility and strength) medical self-care (like seeking emergency care), nutrition and diet (like nutrient intake and healthy digestion), rest and sleep (like periodic rest), and alcohol and drug (avoidance from and less usage of such things).

Quickcheck: How many calories should I eat a day?

  • The recommended daily calorie intake is
  • 2,000 calories – women
  • 2,500 calories – men
  1. Mental Health

It is the absence of any mental ailment or level of psychological wellbeing. It refers to the psychological state of a person operating at an optimal level of behavioral and emotional adaptations. Physiological well-being doesn’t only mean don’t have any mental issue. It’s mainly about tackling setbacks and stress, getting engaged with things, a sense of purpose, giving importance to your emotions and thoughts, and building close relationships.

If you want to maintain good health be confident and accept who you are. To avoid negative thoughts and become focused, breathing exercises and yoga could help.

  1. Social Health

It is about your interactions with other people including your ability to adapt comfortably to various social circumstances,   develop good interpersonal relationships with them, and act properly in different settings. If you want good health, you should also pay attention to your close social relationships. It is evidenced from research now that lack of strong social relations may put you at a greater risk of health than obesity.

To keep yourself happy and stay healthy, you have to consider your communities’ health and your body’s health.

Quickcheck: What are the most important things in a relationship?

  • Empathy
  • Conflict
  • Communication
  • Love
  • Commitment
  1. Emotional Health

It deals with the feelings of a person. It regulates all of your mood, decisions, and who you are. Emotional health refers to actually what is going in one’s mind, not the head. It covers all aspects of mindset, personality, and behavior.

Some feelings like anxiety, overwhelm, worthlessness and stress are negative emotions and can have a damaging effect on emotional health. There can be overcome through setting yourself up by rightly understanding yourself for the whole life of constant attainments.

  1. Environmental Health

It deals with the impacts of the environment on human health and diseases. The National Institute of Environmental Health Science reported that the socio-economic status, lifestyle factors such as exercise and diet, and other societal impacts that influence health, lie under the social environment.

Quickcheck: What is the environment?

The objects, conditions, and the circumstances, by which one is surrounded. i.e. the natural world. It is complex of chemical, physical and biotic factors.

We should pay attention to the impact of changing environment on our health. How the environment can influence health and how the environment can contribute to complex diseases such as AIDS, cancer, malaria, cardiovascular disease, etc. Also, how our environment deals with these diseases.

  1. Spiritual Health

It deals with the meanings, purpose, and possessing in life, living life by your morals, and possessing a clear set of beliefs. It’s all about having knowledge of what is right and wrong and acting according to this understanding.

Quickcheck: What is the goal of spirituality?

The basic goal of spirituality is to gain more understanding of the purpose of your existence.

Spirituality provides you with the inner peace and calm that leads to a healthy life. The factors that describe spirituality include religious beliefs, faith, values, principles, ethics, and morals. The human spirit is mostly neglected, so we should pay attention to this for the well-being of ourselves.

  1. Occupational Health

It is the area of health care concerned with multiple disciplines devoted to the safety and well-being of employees in the workplace. It pays utmost attention to employee education and injury prevention. Its services include pre-placement testing, employee wellness, ergonomics, occupational medicine, occupational therapy, and more.

Quickcheck: What is health promotion?

It is the process of allowing the persons to improve and to increase control over the health.

All these types of health works in collaboration to maintain your overall health.

Quickcheck: What are some additional types of health?

  • Family health
  • Sexual and Reproductive health
  • Public health

The maintenance of health is necessary to lead a healthy, wealthy, and happy life. This can be done by eating healthy meals, drinking a lot of water, adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet, doing extra exercise, losing extra weight, washing your hands properly, protecting your skin, preventing substance abuse, getting enough sleep, and making you lifestyle choices better.

Quickcheck: What are some best exercises?

  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Kegel
  • Tai chi
  • Strength training

It is clear from the above discussion that knowledge about health and the types of health is essential to know about the condition of health and to improve health.

So try to stay healthy so that you may stay wealthy and happy!

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