Simple And Easy Mehndi Designs For Beginners

Do you feel that using Mehndi is hard work and not just your cup of tea? Of course, it’s not rocket science if you do it every day. Start with basic patterns and continue to add complexity as you gain confidence. You could do it yourself or ask a friend to set aside some time and lend a hand. Once completed, you can create a beautiful and elegant pattern in less than 30 minutes. Are you ready? Here are some types of simple and beautiful Mehndi designs to start with:

Exploring Art By Designer:

Checks are always green designs and will never go out of fashion! They are simple, yet elegant! Here’s one idea where the standard check style is put on a whole new level. It starts with a beautiful heart-shaped design in the middle of the hand, surrounded by a simple mandala pattern of henna designs. The sides are decorated with different types of separated lines to make it look beautiful without trying.

Three Parts Of Mehndi Design:

This beautiful and elegant design simple Henna made of three parts in the palm of the hand. No specific feature was used for this design. Instead, the palm sections are filled with intricate details and described by the same leaf frame on both sides.

Roses Art By Artist:

If you want to increase the weight with one note, this unique cord-inspired design works really well. After your hand, start by placing a few roses and leaves, using simple curves. Fill with henna paste to make them look firm. Now draw a pattern with a net around it using a bee design and complete it with a curved pattern on the outside. Use diagonal checks and swirls on your fingers for the perfect look!

Hand Ornament Art From Henna Paradise:

Try this simple Mehndi of design you can create in a jiffy! All you have to do is get used to the big lashes, curves and circles and voila! Ready to do it with your cone. Start at the back of your hand and define the center until the middle finger. Now fill in the blanks with the small items and extend it to the end of the finger. Make it look open and clean with a minimalist look!

The Art Of Paying Flowers By A Designer:

Try with Mehndi leg design with this beautiful pattern! Promoted Payal beauty or anklets worn for special occasions. Start with a motif between flowers using centered circles. Decorate each of them with small details such as curves, dots and lines. Now, create a small version of this design on the ankles and draw connecting lines to match the anklet chains. Why do you leave the toes empty? Just use the tip of a henna lump to draw these small pieces of paper.

Lotus Paisley Project:

Try this design on your future spouse and get his or her thanks forever! This art pattern includes all the important symbols of Hinduism like Lotus, Mango Paisley, flowers, leaves etc. It combines all the simplest things to produce this beautiful Mehndi art. From the wrist section, draw your favorite drawings in random order and fill in the details using swirls, dots, and straight lines. That’s all!

Contemporary Free Hand Art From Mumbai Artist:

Free-hand Mehndi is the best way to test your creativity and enjoy the freedom of exploration. First, familiarize yourself with the basics such as checkpoints, dots, simple flowers, domes, and leaves. Now start from the bottom corner of your hand with a circle and continue filling in with other patterns. Develop the concept continuously until all the gaps are filled. Avoid overcrowding and stick to a clean end.

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