How Kanan Jarrus Got Better & Better

How Kanan Jarrus Got Better & Better: Kanan was a totally different person from the pleading of Rebels compared to the end of it. Here is how he changed for the better. For those fans that gave Star Wars: Rebels a chance and stuck with it past the first few episodes, they got satisfied with a series of stories, episodes, and characters with very personal feel, and many rewarding payoffs.

The show was not perfect, and not necessarily better than The Clone Wars, but was still amazing, with Kanan Jarrus a huge part of that. The former Jedi turned runaway turned Jedi again is one of the best unique characters to come out of the new canon thus far, and throughout the said canon, in so many ways, Kanan just gets better and better.

Learning To Survive:

Chronologically, Kanan Jarrus starts off as Caleb Dume, Jedi Padawan of Depa Billaba, with his Master falling during Order 66, luckily allowing Caleb to go on the run. From there, Caleb must take up a new individuality, go on the run, and face pirates and clones, even turning a former clone friend of his against the effects of Order 66. Caleb Dume learned to survive as Kanan Jarrus.

Met Hera:

It is a while before Kanan meets Hera Syndulla, with the canon novel A New Dawn detailing how the pair meets, with Kanan caught in some regal trouble, and meeting Hera and a group of revolutionaries.

Kanan meeting Hera, and becoming a rebel on the run, gives him a reason again, a reason to fight, it allows him to do what is good and clash against the tyranny of the Empire, as well as meeting the women with whom he falls in love.

Bringing Ezra On Board:

The first episode of Rebels focuses on Ezra, nothing more than a Loth-rat, and his running into the Ghost squad, with Kanan having an impact on him, and getting him to join the squad.

Ezra joining the Ghost squad bettered his life enormously, and the lives of so many others on Lothal, but also that of Kanan, making him a better Jedi and person and kicking off so many other ways in which Kanan improves.

Meeting The Temple Guard:

Kanan meets a Jedi Temple Guard, and in doing so, realizes what it takes to be a good Master, a good teacher, just to do the whole thing he can to guide Ezra towards the Light Side. On top of that, it sees Kanan get knighted by the Temple Guard, exposed to be the future Grand Inquisitor.

Therapeutic Lothal:

Rebels at points branches out to disclose to fans the wider origins of the revolt, of different other people and cells concerned with the war, but at the bookends of the series stays rooted in a personal story, that of the Liberation of Lothal.

This mission is eventually fulfilled by the end of the show, with Lothal back to a peaceful place void of the tyranny of the Empire. While Kanan was dead when Ezra got rid of Thrawn, Kanan’s rescue of Hera, and all the work he did up to the point of his death, as well as training, Ezra all had a considerable contact on the planet’s release.

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