8 TikTok Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

8 TikTok Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

Do you want to kill your boredom? Are you losing your income due to the outbreak of corona virus and are in search of means by which you can make some additional money? Here you can find how to do this by putting in little effort.

Nowadays, social media has become a revenue stream for the 21st century and is evolving as a social influencer on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. TikTok is also a part of this.

The main purpose to design TikTok was to enlighten creativity and bring glee to creators and fans across the world. TikTok is an official Android app that allows people to make and share different sorts of videos with their followers and friends. In the Chinese market, Douyin was released in September 2016. TikTok is an international version of that. Then in 2107, it was launched in most markets outside China’s mainland for Android and iOS. After August 2, 2018, now it is available across the globe by merging it with another Chinese service of social media, Due to its popularity, TikTok as of October 2020, exceeded over 2 billion downloads all over the world.

If you wanna take advantage of this app and are interested to make short videos (having a period of 15 seconds to one minute) of comedy, education, dance, cooking, or whatever you like, then go download it now and make your public or private account in just a few seconds but you should be 13+ for this.

How to change your age on TikTok?

Profile > three dots icon > support section > report a problem

For further correspondence provide proof of identification in the form of a passport, driver’s license, or ID.

After opening it, you’ll see shortcuts to five screens (pages) on the menu bar present at the bottom. These are Home, Discover, Create Video, Inbox, and Me.

How many followers to go live on TikTok?

More than 1000 followers.

How to go live on tik tok?

To access the LIVE screen, press the “create” icon. Choose an image and write something for viewers after swiping to LIVE in the navigation. After this, press GO LIVE, and here you go.

Now, after reading all about TikTok if you are making mind to make TikTok videos, and thinking if you needed an additional app to edit the made one. Not at all, TikTok provides you with all the features to make your editing process fully effortless, easy, and quick. You may select all sorts of effects including filters, time-lapses, transitions, time machine, rewind, and speed control.

How to add text to Tiktok?

  • After making the video tap Text.
  • Type something and edit the fonts and other things according to preferences.
  • After editing, play the video to preview the text.

Different options are there to make videos as you may directly make a video on the app or create one by choosing your favorite pictures or clips from the gallery. As far as audio is concerned, you may select any audio from the app’s catalog, audios available on your smart phones or you may do voice-over by recording.

 How to duet on TikTok?

  • Tap the share button after finding and watching a video.
  • After tapping the duet, press the red record button to record your video.
  • After editing, tap the Next button.
  • After adjustment of your preferences, it is ready to post.

The TikTok logo looks like the eighth note of music and delivers the message that this is a music-based app. To give it a 3-D effect, the logo contains three such notes slightly offset from each other in magnets, white and cyan colors. The simple sans serif font is used to write the name TikTok, underneath the logo.

As ByteDance Limited, the owner of TikTok is held privately, so TikTok yet has no shares on the stock market. The owner of TikTok has plans for the TikTok global IPO (initial public offering) in the United States but an announcement about the date for IPO is still pending.

Like other things, TikTok too has a darker side and is notorious due to its death videos nowadays. As today’s teens have deadly addiction to social media. After being dragged in its darker side, they are killing themselves by making suicide videos, challenging videos, and film killer stunts and promoting antisocial behavior. 41 deaths are associated with this controversial app, 9 out of 41 are considered suicides.

How to delete the TikTok video?

Select video >… (3 dots icon) > Delete icon

The reason behind all this is that some tragic users want to show their deaths to the world. Some take their lives after being banned from TikTok. Many lost their lives pursuing challenges like the ‘Blackout Challenge’, ‘Viral Choking Challenge’ and ‘Benadryl Challenge’. There may be other reasons too. This is insane. It was claimed from the recent incident that TikTok took three hours to inform the police, about the live-streamed suicide. That’s why many people think that it should be banned.

How to delete the TikTok account?

To do so, go to:

Me >… (3 dots icon) > Manage account > Delete account

TikTok memes are much more than a simple item of humor. They are playing the role of the basis for societal angst, brand advertising, political expression, and many more. Some of the most famous memes on TikTok are:

  • I’m Already Tracer
  • People doing fascinating jobs
  • People doing fascinating jobs
  • Headbanging dog
  • Karma is a Bitch

The CEO of Reddit uses the words “fundamentally parasitic” about TikTok. No doubt, TikTok is trending now, but it can’t exceed the benefits of Reddit. On Reddit, you can get views fastly as compared to TikTok.

Now the question arises “Can you make money on TikTok and how”?

Well, you can’t make money directly from TikTok as it does not pay its most popular users. But still, you can make money through other methods by using TikTok. Many famous TikTokers are doing this by cashing their fanbase and by switching them over to Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat. By doing this, their fans start following there, and then they may earn more sponsorship deals. The money can be made by:

  • Growing accounts then selling them
  • Managing influencer campaigns
  • Donations
  • Management services
  • TikTok ads platform

How to go famous on TikTok?

You can be famous by using trending Hashtags; making short videos; sharing advice, tips, and favorite things; doing something a little bit controversial, and posting frequently.

The most liked videos on TikTok get viral and the video makers enjoy being famous and different trends are set then accordingly. The most liked videos of 2020 along with their likes are given below:

  • Bella Poarch ‘M to the B’ (47 million)
  • Franek Bielak’s drawing (43.6 million)
  • Billie Eilish’s first TikTok video (36.1 million)
  • British Promise Cats (34.3 million)
  • Baby Demi Rose from the Neep Fam (33.3 million)

In a nutshell, TikTok is a great platform to enjoy and convey your message to the world. Go and download the app now to enjoy!

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