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A dark meme is a scheme or an action that spreads and develops as people act together with them, often from side to side the internet. Memes can make you giggle. Memes can make you frightened. They can be a kind cause of entertainment or engineered to encourage information that is false. When the latter takes place online, it exploits human fallibilities and can increase disinformation like wildfire. 

Purposes Of Memes:

Dark memes serve many purposes and functions, but at a basic level, they serve as an appearance of people’s opinions as well as emotions. Dark memes can be created by appropriating scenes or lines from TV shows and movies, which are then taken out of background, remixed with other content and have new meanings attributed to them in a funny and applicable manner. Meme content can range from bad tempered about the hardships of being a college student, to expressing discomfiture felt during a come across in a person’s daily life, something that everyone is capable to feel sorry for with.

What Type Of Dark Memes Are Used?

Dark memes are simple, short and snappy and clear in their messages, and this educational model is a reflection of the state of mind of modern society one that values entertainment, champions, materialism, as well as add force to the need felt by people to hang about applicable. Their convenience in addition to aptitude to arrive at an enormous viewers within minutes and also within days it become part of the internet word list which means that memes can also be used as misinformation tools that can easily inspire, and cement, point of view that quickly turn out to be popular among cybercasts which is an usual user of the internet.

On the other hand, the increase in numbers of memes in our everyday online dictionary has had people asking how they affect one’s capability to communicate. On one hand, memes are made up of very short messages in a short text or image layouts which are broadly understood by a lot of people from corner to corner the world in spite of of their inhabitant language, and they help to foster strong relationships within the cyber community.

Memes For Celebrities:

Memes do not just cross languages either their relatableness also falsify a sentiment of belonging among sure internet users in particular age groups. Whether they are used to give vent to their feelings over convinced socio-political issues, or to add force to their obsessions with well-known celebrities, memes are an easy and funny way for teenagers to communication with their friends. To be sure, the very process of broadcasting memes, sharing them on their social media platforms, and tagging their friends under specific meme pages has improved message across the world, and has contributed to the success of globalization.

Negative Effects Of Memes:

On the other hand, there are people in confident circles who believe that memes, having become many a teen’s dialect language, have had the opposite effect. Memes are, they would disagree, holding back communication in more ways than shredding everything down to one-liners in addition to pictures. They can be used to make worse antagonistic and harmful attitudes alongside certain races, against a meticulous gender, a religion, or sexuality, thus extending the break between people rather than bridging them.

A meme’s ability to be shared with millions online instantly can only further support a certain way of thinking surrounded by our traditions. And while many people may think they have mystery while on the internet, it is been made in large quantities clear many times over that unfortunate action online can contact a person’s life in very real ways like when US-based university Harvard, in June, cancel the admissions offers of at least 10 students for sharing sexually clear, chauvinistic, and unpleasant memes in a private Facebook group chat. Meme-browsing can encourage, it can be disagreed, harmful value systems among people teens in particular, and people who remain ignorant of the power of the internet and help a variety of a future full of biased supremacists and ethnic bigots.

Simple Memes:

Memes are very simple to create and built. There are many apps especially for this reason. As a result, memes have become an easy way for people to rapidly and efficiently distribute fake information online and helping to add force to fake news.

Hillary Clinton’s Meme:

 During Hillary Clinton’s presidential election campaign last year, many memes were created involving Clinton was frail, or unwell and exhausted. Pictures of her using lumbar hold up pillows in settled interviews, falling down stairs, having to bend over or hold on to people, or pulling strange facial expressions were dispersed, leading to conjecture on her health and if she had be up to leading a country at all. This was in spite of no specialized medical analysis, but the reality of her health was lost in the embarrassment of memes telling that she does not have the stamina  and also was not strong sufficient to manage with the job something further compounded by her political challenger Donald Trump. Memes, and the broadcast of fake information through them, played a part in her losing the election.

Specific Questions Arise About Memes:

Whether it is good or bad, there is no rejection that memes have developed the method we communicate to each other. But what kind of contact will that have, as we move further into the digital age, on more customary standards of communication? Will poetry finish existing in the form of words? What does it say for our future prose students and English professors if educational pieces are to be put back by memes? And perhaps most importantly of all, how will memes affect interpersonal relations among the teenagers of now?

Results Of Memes:

Maybe memes are nothing more than manufactured goods of imagination. Maybe at the end of the day they are nothing more than a fun example of people using the funny side as a way of managing with all the heartbreaking and sadness that life can recommend.

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